Studer Xcom-232i


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Studer Xcom-232i communication module

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Studer Xcom-232i communication module

Studer  Xcom-232i communication module has an RS-232 serial port that allows communication with a system composed of one or more Xtender, VarioTrack or VarioString. You can access all the information that can be viewed on the base screen of the remote control but also modify certain configuration parameters. Thus, you can connect a system with Xtender, VarioTrack or VarioString to different monitoring or control equipment.

From a more technical point of view, the RS-232 electrical interface allows for example the sending of data with GSM modems, gateways RS-232 towards TCP/IP or Long distance converters RS-422. In addition, the port has a galvanic protection isolation. You will find the proprietary protocol and fully documented in support and downloads under programs and upgrades. The Xcom-232i module can also record data on a MicroSD card for subsequent analysis of the data logger function.

- Studer Xcom-LAN/Xcom-GSM/Xcom-232i users manual
- Studer Warranty

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