Victron Quattro 48/10000-140-100/100 Inverter/Charger


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Combined inverter and charger which can accept two AC inputs and automatically connect to the active source.

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Victron Quattro 48/10000-140-100/100 Inverter/Charger
(230V VE.Bus)


The Quattro can be connected to two independent AC sources. In case of a of a grid failure, or shore or generator power being disconnected the Quattro will automatically connect to the active source. This happens in less than 20 milliseconds, so that electronic equipment will continue to operate without disruption.

The unique PowerAssist technology will prevent overload of a limited AC source: battery charging will automatically be reduced when otherwise an overload would occur; then the second level will boost the output of a generator with power taken from the battery.

Up to 6 Quattro inverters can operate in parallel and achieve higher power output. Three phase or split phase operation is also possible.

It is possible to monitor and control your Quattro and system or systems locally (LAN) or remotely via the internet from anywhere in the world, using the free VRM app and free VRM portal website. Access can be from a phone, tablet, laptop or PC for multiple operating systems.

- Victron Quattro Datasheet
- Victron Warranty

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